Alan Reade...

lan Reade

. . . is the subject of the short performance-art mockumentary Who Is Alan Reade.

. . . wrote the book of poems Everything Is On available on Amazon.

. . . executive-produced the feature film Say Yes with writer and director Stewart Wade.

. . . executive-produced the web series and feature film Coffee House Chronicles with writer and director Stewart Wade.

. . . produced the short film Operation Marriage with director Quentin Lee.

. . . associate-produced the short film Somewhere Else by director Dinh Anh Nguyen.

. . . associate-produced the feature film Big Gay Love by director Ringo Le.

. . . co-created the Men Over 50 photo project as a founding member of tommy+alan photography.

. . . founded a successful multimedia training development and independent film production business called Text Engine in 2006.

. . . acted in two independent films by Antero Alli in 2003 and 2007.

. . . wrote and performed, in collaboration with various musicians, singers, dancers, and collaborators, a number of performance pieces from 1986 through 2006.

. . . in 2002, penned and recorded a CD of songs taken from various performances called "4 Seasons in a Day."

. . . co-adapted a play called Bitchy Bitch Live! from Roberta Gregory's comic book Naughty Bits, co-directed it for the 1995 Seattle Fringe Festival, and took it to the Theatre Off Jackson in Seattle.

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